Classic Motorcycle Fiberglass

Classic Motorcycle Fibreglass
Moto Tumbi
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Yamaha Replica Fibreglass

Yamaha SR500 Streetfighter

SR 500

SR500 Yamaha
SR500 Yamaha
SR500 Yamaha
Yamaha SR500
Fitted with Read Titan Tank, Factory Triumph T150 Race Seatbace
and a superb Foran pipe to top off the package.

Yamaha SR500 Cafe Racer
SR500 Cafe Racer

SR500 with Pantah Tank
SR500 with Ducati Pantah tank, G50 seatbase and modified Ducati Monster fairing

"Italian" SR 500
Desmo 250/450 Seatbase
SD/S2 Tank & SS Front Guard
SR500 Yamaha
SR500 with BSA Cafe Tank
SR500 with Rickman Seat
SR500 with Rickman Seat by MotoTumbi
39mm Mikuni, Manx cam, 12.5:1 compression
Spoked wheels with larger rear drum and dual discs, braided lines

SR500 Yamaha
SR500 with Dunstall Tank

Yamaha TZ Bodywork

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